Is High Waisted Always a Good Idea?

I made the statement ‘Highwaisted is always a good idea’ to which I received some interesting responses. I realised that  I’ve always been drawn to the classic tailored style, and I owned a number of these pieces.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 12.50.06 PM

This is not true for everyone, and when my friend suggested that it wouldn’t be right for her petite stature, it made me think. Below are my tips to achieve this style flawlessly and my advice if you are avoiding this trend.

The short curvy figure should avoid the long highwaisted piece and instead, opt for midiskirt or shorter. Cropped culottes work nicely too.


If shortwaisted (when your natural waist is closer to your bust than your hips), avoid the highwaisted trousers or maxi skirts. This will overpower the look, or as my friend said “makes her look like a tent”.

If you have a slightly larger waist the highwaisted  pants can really emphasize that too. Lower waists will fool the eye and extend the torso. Do not cast this style staple to the not-for-me bin. Yes, it’s true that this would suit the tall and skinny among us. However, if you are petite, opt for skirts or shorts or a combination ‘skorts’.

If you are determined to make this look work, opt for a cropped culotte jumpsuit. This gives the illusion of a highwaist, but flatters as a dress would.


Go ahead jump-start your style and try something new. You have options even if high-waisted is not a good idea. Until next time.

SO... What do you think?