The Spirit Show 2016

We visited  The Spirit Show 2016 last weekend. It was held at London Business Design Centre from 9-10 December.

First, we tasted the Dappa from The Devon Distillery. This was my first time trying the Dappa or its equivalent. Dappa is the Devon variation on ‘Grappa’, a popular Italian after-dinner drink. It’s made from grape skins and is matured over a year for a complex, subtle taste. So not as harsh as other spirits.

Riddles Tequila Iced Tea

We then sampled a refreshing Tequila Iced Tea.  A Handmade Exotic Beverage with 5% Alcohol. From the rich soil of Ijebu Ode in Nigeria, highly nutritious Moringa leaves are carefully cultivated, selected and perfectly infused into Premium Tequila Reposado from Mexico. The brew is then sweetened with Agave nectar to create a mouth-watering golden brew.


Next stop was the Black Bottle Whiskey, a mid market brand which makes a tasty old fashioned. This blended scotch whiskey is available in Sainsbury’s and on Amazon.


We also sampled the Trevethan Gin. Distilled in Cornwall this recipe was created by Norman Trevethan in 1920. A complex spirit with citrus and floral notes, the  recipe includes the usual  Juniper, Coriander, Cassia and Angelica along with the less familiar  vanilla, cardamom,  lemon and orange peel. The bottle is beautiful packaging the bottle has wide shoulders with an Art Deco label. #trevethangin @trevethangin



The taste of  the vintage rum from The Rum Club brought me back to my homeland. Whilst I didn’t join the club, I was very tempted!

Christmas Pudding Vodka

And finally for my favourite stand of the event Blackdown. With it’s Gin, Elderberry liqueur  and Christmas pudding vodka.

The spirits are  “Distilled from the heart and are handcrafted in small batches” and this is confirmed with every taste.



SO... What do you think?